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Claim Check Tag

Keeping customers satisfied is the most important part of the service industry. To ensure customer satisfaction, simple Claim Check Tags ensure safe tracking and can be used to match belongings with their owners, or track jobs as they travel through production or other phases of service. Our custom printed Claim Check Tags include consecutive numbers and are perforated for easy separation; one copy stays with you and the other stays with your customer. Claim Check Tags can contain fields for customer information, pick-up, delivery, or any other necessary details.

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Stock Shoe Repair Tag (100/Pack)

In stock!
Shoe Repair Tags, 100/Pack. Also available in bulk (1000/box), blank or custom printed.

Custom Repair Claim Tag

Size #8 (6-1/4" X 3-1/8") Numbered Repair Tag with perforated detachable claim stub.

Article Claim Tag

All-purpose Claim Check Tag, personalize your own text fields.

Custom Coat Check Tag


Custom Shoe Repair Tag

Customize It! Add your company information and/or send your vector logo. Choose your number sequence.

Custom Tear-Off Tag, Size #8 (1000/Box)

Add personalized text and company logo. Consecutive numbers print anywhere above and below perforation.
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