Artwork/Sample Specifications

Knowing what you want on your tag is the first step,

These art tips will help get you going.


Upload your samples/artwork

If you already have pictures, sketches, ideas, artwork or even a press ready layout for your printed tag, it is a great start. Our quote builder has a file upload tool so you can send us anything that you might have. We do need to quote each custom tag as we recieve artwork because different types of artwork and quantities will determine the print method and press that your tag will print on. 

  • To help ensure a speedy process, please be sure scanned images are clear so we can typeset directly from them, this drastically cuts down on time.
  • If documents are blurry or not legible, it will cause delays because if we have any doubts, we will need to confirm. We may require that you type out in email or a word document of what the type should read as. 
  • We can accept Black & White scans but Colored scans work much better in figuring out what you want, espically if the tag stock or ink is in color.

Feeling creative or prefer to sketch out your ideas and need a blank template to start? Our tag templates are available to download to help put your ideas to paper. Standard tag industry sizes #1-8 are available to use as templates. If you would like something different besides #1-8, drawing your own template on a blank sheet of paper works just as well. Once you are finished, you can submit your template to us when building/quoting your tag.

If you have a tag currently in use:

  • Do you need to reorder a tag that you have gotten from us before? Great! Just contact us and tell us what tag you need, we will have the old artwork on file.
  • Do you have an existing tag that you would like to duplicate exactly? Awesome! Just send us a sample and we will take care of the rest. 
  • Do you need to revise or refresh an old tag with some changes? Excellent! You can either send us your ideas of what you want and we will get to work typesetting.

Artwork Setup

There is no charge for artwork setup or processing with your paid order. If you have a sample, mock-up or typed details of your tag layout, we will compose your proof and send a PDF via e-mail. Even if you don't have the original artwork or anything to send us, there is no charge for typesetting and laying out the design of your tag. We can typset just about anything, however, please note that we do not create or design logos nor provide creative design services.


All new tag orders and repeat orders with changes are subject to proof approval before printing. We will put everything together for you and email you a PDF proof for your review. We want to be sure that you will be getting exactly what you want so your order will not advance into production without a signed copy or written approval. You may make as many changes to your proof as necessary until you are completely satisfied with your tag. 

Software and Program Files

We currently use the most up to date versions of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign. We are able to open any older file exentions for these programs. We have used QuarkXPress for years but are in the middle of transistioning to Adobe Indesign. We will still continue to support (and can open) files that are sent as QuarkXPress file extensions.


* For the Art Pros *

Artwork Requirements

For help in preparing your pre-press approved artwork, remembering these last minute tips below will ensure a smooth process before sending your press ready artwork, files and documents.

  • Please submit Vector Art Files (Adobe Illustrator *.ai, *.eps, or PDFs *.pdf)
  • It is recommended that a 1/8-inch margin is left around the border (all sides) of your custom tag to allow space for feed rollers on the press. This includes when using our templates or creating your own artwork.
    • If the tag will include a fiber patch reinforcement, please allow a 3/4-inch margin at the top of the tag.
  • If your tag order specifies to print with bleeds, it is recommended that any art going off (bleeding over) the borders has a minimum of 1/8-inch bleed outside.
  • Please flatten or outline all type that is included in artwork or provide windows compatible font files. (TrueType *.ttf, OpenType, *.otf, or PostScript *.pft) 
    • Provide a word document or text file (if possible) with all text provided
  • Please provide original files for any logos or embedded graphics included in any artwork. 
    • Provide any logo files in a separate, high resolution format.
  • Convert all fonts to outlines/curves.
  • Avoid screens, gradients and tight registrations.
  • Avoid low-resolution graphics and optimized files when possible (*.jpeg, *.gif and *.pict)
  • Make sure no Raster Images are within the file.
  • Use Pantone Uncoated Spot Colors, not CMYK or RGB. 
    • If we recieve files in CMYK, we will do our best to match the closest Pantone Spot Color available.
  • We prefer that any multi-color artwork and sample documents sent to us are color separated to avoid any confusion or error. You may distinguish colors by layering your document, or by sending multiple documents with a common template. 
  • Use layered documents or separate files for multi-color artwork.
  • Our tag templates are available for download which can be opened directly into Adobe Illustrator. If you are not using a template, the max size we can make a tag or "print" will be determined by the process being used to print the tag.
  • If you send us camera ready artwork by post, please ensure that it is a black & white copy without any folds or creases. In addition, please include a color sample if possible.
    • Spot Color Printing: Illustrator Vector Formats (Letterpress)
    • CMYK/Process Color Printing: Hi-res Photoshop/Illustrator Formats (Offset/Digital/Flexo)

Please do not hesistate to contact us if you have any questions!


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