Picking Ink Colors

Need to pick an ink color for your tag?

We want to make it easy but we offer 1,867 choices.

Pantone Color Matching

The printing and graphics arts industry uses Pantone's Matching System Colors (PMS) as a standard for color when for printing ink on paper. There are currently 1,867 colors in the Pantone Color Formula Guides. There are 2 Guides for referencing ink colors, one is "Uncoated" (or U) and the other is "Coated" (or C) which refers to the finishing of paper being Uncoated or Coated. These PMS colors are separate from the CMYK / 4 colors process guides available.

Standard Ink Colors

Listed below are the Pantone PMS Spot Colors that we offer in stock and is included in the price of your order.

Please note that these colors will appear different on every monitor and may differ from your final printed tag. Our ink guide is only provided to be used as an online reference and are NOT to be used for accurate color matching. For exact color matching, please refer to a Pantone Uncoated Palette Guide as our ink colors will match the physical Pantone PMS color swatches. cannot be held responsible for your ink selection and will not accept a refund if unhappy with your color choice.

Custom Ink Colors

If you would like a separate Pantone PMS Color from what is listed below, we are able to custom mix and match the color or order specific ink colors direct. Flourscent and specialized inks are also available. 

Please note that there will be an additional charge for using a custom ink color. 




Things to keep in mind when selecting your ink colors:

  • The paper color you choose in combination with your ink color choice will influence the apperance and look of your tag.
  • Our inks are not always entirely opaque when printed, which occasionally allows the paper color to show through. We highly recommended that you print dark ink on a light tag stock and do not print light ink on a dark tag stock.


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