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What is "10% Overs, Free"?

For any custom/quick print tags ordered through our website, you can receive up to 10% of the quantity ordered, in extra tags, for free. For example, if you order 1,000 custom printed tags, you could receive up to 100 additional tags (10%) at no additional charge. Actual overage quantity received is not guaranteed and will vary from order to order. This applies to orders of 20,000 or less. Maximum possible overage is 2,000 tags per order.

What is your standard hole size? Can you do other hole sizes?

All of our stock and quick print tags will come standard with our 5/16" center hole punch. Yes, we have many other hole sizes available to choose from with our custom printed tags.

What is the size of your patch? Is it paper or metal?

Our stock and quick print tags come standard with a 9/16" diameter reddish-brown fiber paper patch reinforcement. A white patch is available as a custom color option. We also offer brass metal eyelets in various sizes for custom tags to provide additional reinforcement (or brass eyelets without the fiber patch).

Are the top corners clipped off on all tags or can I have all four corners square?

Our stock and quick print tags will come standard with clipped corners; however, if you would prefer all four corners to be square (or round) for your custom printed tag, these options are available.

Do you have a list of available ink colors?

We offer a list of stock ink colors readly available to choose from. See our list of standard ink colors that are included with your order at no extra cost. If you want a specific color, we are able to color match the 15,000+ colors from the Pantone graphics/printing palette for an additional custom ink charge.

Will the color of the paper tag and/or ink match exactly what I am seeing online?

Due to print using CMYK/PMS colors and video using RGB colors to display images, it is very hard (almost impossible) to match exactly. Also, colors will vary from monitor to monitor due to different display settings and resolutions. However, our ink colors will match the physical Pantone PMS color swatch book.

Do you have a price list?

We do not currently have a price list or catalogue for distribution. However, all of our stock tags and attachment options available are priced on our website. Our quick print tag builder will provide you pricing once you select all of your options. If you do not see what you need on our website and are in need of a specific/custom tag, please complete a custom tag quote and pricing will be provided back to you quickly.

What if I am a tax exempt business? Do I have to pay sales tax?

Most of our customers are end users so by default our website charges sales tax according to all federal and state laws where you live. However, if you have a tax exempt status, please contact customer service so we can recieve your tax exempt documents to keep on file and update your account to reflect that.

Do you have any stock tags?

Our most popular items are our stock/blank tags and we have 100,000+ of them in our warehouse ready to ship. We are always looking to expand our stock offering and adding more options to choose from. We have created special stock items for certain customers that need tags fast. If you are interested in establishing a special stock item that is released from our warehouse when ordered, please let us know.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

The minimum quantity for custom printed and quick print tag orders is 1,000. Certain stock tags can be purchased in smaller quantites of 50, 100, 250 and 500. Our short run stock tag category shows the items where the minimum order requirement has been reduced. If you would like to purchase a smaller quantity for other stock items, please let us know.

Do you offer price breaks for larger quantities?
The larger an order is, the lower the price per thousand will be. However, price breaks are offered on a per thousand, per tag, basis (not order total). For example, an order of 2,000 #3 Red tags will be discounted to the 2,000 cost, whereas an order of 1,000 #3 Red and 1,000 #3 Light Blue will not receive the 2,000 quantity price break.
When can I expect my order?

Custom printed tags require a custom leadtime. Leadtimes provided for custom tags are based on quantity and order specifics. For quick print tags, please allow 10 to 14 business days to print your tags & additional time if attachments are chosen. If in stock, blank and stock tags will ship in 24 to 48 hours (if they do not have attachments). Transit/Shipping time will depend on your location – all orders ship from Ohio.

Can you expedite/rush my order?

All orders are processed as soon as possible. If, however, you need your order by a certain date, please mention this during the order process. We do offer a rush service (when available) for an additional charge.

I do not have any artwork, is there a typesetting charge?

With your paid order, typesetting and digial proofs are provided at no additional charge. If you have a sample or sketch/idea of what you would like for your tag, please upload or email it to us with your order information. We will be happy to assist you with your tag layout. Please note that we cannot design or create logos.

Can you print with white ink?

Unfortunately, we cannot print in white ink. However, we can reverse the ink imprint coverage to give the impression of white print if printed on a white tag.

What file formats are accepted for artwork?

We commonly receive and prefer the following file formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator Document (*.ai)
  • Illustrator EPS (*.eps)
  • Adobe PDF (*.pdf)

However, we are able to work with other Image Files (*.psd, *.png, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *bmp), various Microsoft Office Formats (*.doc, *.docx, *.ppt, *.xls), as well as most other commonly used formats. 

Will I receive a proof before production?

Yes, any new or repeat orders with changes will require your written approval of a proof before reaching production. (Unfortunately, we cannot accept verbal, over the phone approvals) It is recommended that you check your proof carefully for any errors or necessary changes. Changes can be made at your request without additional charges.

Where can I send digital artwork files?

Please send all files as an attachment in your email or upload directly to us using our file uploading tool. Please reference the order or quote to which the artwork pertains to in your message.

What is the difference between looped and knotted string?

  • Looped String: Both ends of the string are fed through the hole punch and looped inside itself leaving the ends untied.
  • Knotted String: One end of the string is fed through the hold punch and the ends are tied together in a knot.

Do you offer free shipping and handling?

To help keep costs low and shipping charges based on location/volume, we do not offer free shipping and handling. Shipping costs or quotes provided are based upon real time shipping rates that are calculated using various details at the time a quote is provided.

How will the tags/orders be packaged?

We usually pack tags 1000 to a box, but feel free to let us know if you would rather have it packed a different way. If there are multiple boxes, we will bundle them together. If there are 5,000 or more, they will be in a master carton (limited by weight). We also can shrink-wrap or rubber-band a certain amount of tags together for you!


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