Specifications for Custom Tags

There are many options to consider when creating your custom tags and labels. To save time and provide you with the best results, consider these specifications when requesting a quote.

What is the size of your tag?

We can print industry standard tags (#1-8), or create a custom size tag that will perfectly fit your needs. So your options are near limitless on tag sizes! All you need to do is provide the measurements of the tag. Another thing to think about is if your tag is going to be flat or folded.

What type of stock and/or color is going to be used for your tag?

We carry white and manila paper stock in 7pt (slightly thicker than computer paper), 10pt (slightly thinner than a manila file folder), 13pt (most commonly used, about the thickness of poster board), and 15pt (about the thickness of a business card).
Our standard colors (red, pink, orange, salmon, yellow, ivory, brown, buff, dark and light green, dark and light blue, lilac, and gray) are only offered in 13pt stock.
If you want your tag to really stand out, we carry 5 fluorescent colors (red, pink, orange, green, and chartreuse) that are only offered in 13pt stock.
If you need your tag to be a bit sturdier, we do offer 15pt wet strength stock in white, and Tyvek stock.

How will your tags or labels be used (indoor, outdoor) 

Will your tags be exposed to heat, moisture, food and/or chemicals? 13pt stock holds up well with everyday use. If you are looking for something a bit stronger, 15pt wet strength tags hold up well with a little moisture, though not submerged underwater. Tyvek is a very sturdy synthetic paper that does well with abuse and does not tear.

Will the tags be marked or written on with ink?

Are you going to use a regular ballpoint pen to write on your tag, or a sharpie that may bleed through the paper? Our stock is quite easy to write on with any writing utensil you use, though pencils don't write very well on Tyvek.

Are we replacing or changing a tag or label that is currently in use?

Are you just reordering a tag that you have gotten from us before? Great! Just contact us and tell us what tag you need, we will probably have your tag on file.

Do you have a tag that just needs replaced or that you need more of? Awesome! Just send us a sample or a sketch and we will take care of the rest! Even if you don't have the original artwork, there is no charge for typesetting and proofing. However, please note that we do not typeset logos nor provide creative design services.

Revising an old tag? That's fine too. Once again, you can either send us a sample or a sketch of what you want and we will take care of the typesetting for you!

Describe the shape of your tags: clipped-corners, square, circle? Is die-cutting required?

We are not one to limit creativity. We can do squares or circles, and it doesn't cost anything extra to have clipped corners. Though if you want your tag to have a unique shape, that is when die-cutting is required. A die is a special steel blade that is used to punch out your desired tag shape after it is printed. All you need to do is send us a sketch of your unique shape and we take care of the rest.

Are there any hole-punches or knockouts? If so, how many and what size/diameter?

If you are making a hang tag, than a hole is required (how else are you going to hang it?), and the first hole is on the house, any extra punches you need done will be included in your free quote. Just let us know how big we need to make the punch.

A knockout is a portion of an image that has been removed during the typesetting process. Sense printing one color on top of another (also called overprinting) can create a huge mess, we "knockout" part of the overlapping images so the colors do not print on top of each other. 

No holes? That's fine. We also offer an adhesive strip that can allow your tag to stick rather than hang. To get it to stick, just peel off the plastic liner to expose the adhesive and you can stick your tag wherever you want to!

Is additional reinforcement required?

We offer several forms of tag reinforcement, the most common being the fiber patch. A fiber patch is a small patch that reinforces the hole-punch (you can get an idea of how one looks if you look at our tag templates). Standard fiber patches are brown, though we do offer it in white as well.

If you really want to reinforce your tag, we offer a metal eyelet that will reinforce the hole. You can have both the fiber patch and the metal eyelet on your tag if you wish.

If you don't want either the fiber patch or the metal eyelet, but still want your tag reinforced, Mylar will work great for you! Mylar is a clear plastic coating that covers a small section of your tag (usually where the hole-punch is) that helps reinforce your tag.

No hole to reinforce? That's okay. The adhesive strip that can allow your tag to stick rather than hang. Though the adhesive is not limited just to tags without holes. You can have the best of both worlds and have a tag that can hang and stick!

Should attachments/fasteners be provided separately, or pre-attached?

We carry several different types of attachments to fit your needs. They can come pre-attached to your tag, or can come separately from your order and you can attach yourself (this way is a little more economical).

The most commonly used attachment is the 12-inch 26-gauge wire, made of galvanized steel. It holds up well in any tag environment. If you want something a bit stronger, we also offer a 12-inch 23-gauge wire that is a little thicker than the 26-gauge wire.

Don't want any metal? We have 12-inch cotton string that can be looped through the tag hole and has open ends for you to tie it around whatever you need, or can have the ends knotted together so you can loop it around what you need.

Need more of a fastener rather than just an attachment? The keyrings and the diamond deadlocks work great to fasten your tag to something.

How many ink colors will print on each side?

Is your artwork full color (digital printing), or just a simple black and white image with some text? This is important to know because it will greatly affect cost and how your tag looks. Another thing to consider is if gloss is required for your tag.

Are there any special features to your tag?

Does your tag have any perforations, scores, folds, or slits? How many are there? Where are they located at on your tag? Describe those features, and we can make sure to put them in the correct spot.

How many tags are needed?

Here at, the more you order, the cheaper the cost per thousand. Knowing the quantity of your order is quite important. Other things to keep in mind are how often you are going to need to restock your tag, and how quickly you need them delivered.

Are there any special delivery instructions, or packaging requirements?

We usually pack tags 1000 to a box, but feel free to let us know if you would rather have it packed a different way. We also can shrink-wrap or rubber-band a certain amount of tags together for you!