How To Order

Please read through this page and follow the five simple steps below and we will take care of the rest! (or, if you have been here before, just click right where you need to go when you see it.)


Step 1: Choose your Tag type

Since alot of tag features need to be determined first (Quantity, Image quality, Paper Type, etc.) Determining the "type" of tag that you need is the first decision to make. We offer 3 different product lines that vary in options and production time:

  • Stock/Blank Tags: These are pulled and shipped from our warehouse. They offer the quickest shipping but few options. Attachments can be added to these.
  • Quick Print Tags: These are blank "stock" tags that are pulled and printed on using your approved artwork. They dont take long to print and offer 1-2 color printing.
  • Custom/Digital Tags: These are fully customizable tags. They offer the most options but take the longest to ship. Large quantity orders (20,000+) are considered custom.
   Stock/Blank Tag  Quick Print Tag  Custom/Digital Tag
Options star 1 star 2 star 3
Delivery star 3 Star 2 Star 1
Image Star 1 Star 1 Star 3
 Cost Star 1 Star 2 Star 3
  • Options = Choices available to customize your tag
  • Delivery = Time needed in production for tag (from longest to quickest)
  • Image = Quality of graphics/art available to print on tag
  • Cost = Average price per tag

Note: It is possible that the design of the tag will determine which tag type that you need. That is not a problem, step 2 will help determine that!


Step 2: Design/Quote your Tag

Now that you decided what "type" of tag you would like, we need to determine the design.

  • Stock/Blank Tag - Please click here to browse our stock catalog, select any options or attachments and your done! There is no designing involved and you can checkout online. Its that easy!

If you are not purchasing a Stock/Blank Tag, we need to quote your tag. But to quote your tag, we also need to determine the design at the same time. The design (or artwork) used is a key factor because it will determine how it prints (tag type), which also affects the quote price.

Think of it like this: 

Image File

  • Quick Print Tag - Please click here to to be taken to our #1-8 Tag Templates for standard size reference. Then here to go to our Quick Print Tag Builder and select your basic options to generate your quote and then checkout online!
  • Custom/Digital Tag - Please click here to be taken to our Custom Quote Request Form to select your advanced options. A customer service representative will do a final check of your request and quickly generate a quote for you!

Please click here for information on our printing process.

Once the design of the tag is determined and quoted, you are ready for step 3! You will recieve an estimated delivery date along with your quote.


Step 3: Order/Create your Tag

Once you have your finalized quote back from us and all of your questions answered, you can either place your order directly online or with one of our customer service representatives. Once payment is recieved, it is time for our art department to get right to work in creating the artwork for your tag!

Please click here for information on our ink colors and here for information on our artwork policies.

Once payment is recieved, you will recieve an order acknowledgement with an order number to track during the production process and to use for future reference. You will also recieve a payment reciept for your records. All we need now is your approval in Step 4!


Step 4: Approve your Tag Proof

Before your tag goes into production, it is importamt for us to ensure that your tags turn out exactly how you want them. We will send you a digital proof (PDF file) of what the finished product will resemble. If everything is correct, just reply to our email indicating that the proof is approved and can move to production (or simply sign the proof and return it to us). If adjustments need to be made, mark the changes on your proof and we’ll get them done quickly. (You will receive a revised proof for final review and approval after every change.)

Please click here for our FAQ's

Once your proof is approved, just sit back and relax in Step 5! We will let you know if we need anything else.


Step 5: Receive your Tags

Completed tags will be carefully boxed and shipped to your designated shipping address. You will recieve delivery updates with a tracking number once your order ships. Our normal lead time will vary depending on tag type, quantity and attachments, but if you need tags faster than that and can't wait, we will do our best to meet your deadline.

Please click here for shipping information and policies.

If you have any issues from the time your tags leave our facility to the time you recieve them, please let us know right away and we will work with UPS (carrier) to resolve your problem for you. 

If you have questions about products, printing, or if you need help placing your order, please call us at 937.609.2768 or email us at


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